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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The yurt has landed!

The truck arrived early (Well done, Richmond Transport). Unfortunately, so did the wind, which blew its lungs out all day and made handling the parts of the yurt extra challenging. Friends turned up to help unload and store away the rolls of thick felt, the curved trellising, the painted spokes, the huge "wheel" that forms the centre of the roof and the covers; traditional and waterproof/modern. The greatest challenge, as you'll see from the photos, was lifting down the "wheel" from the roof of the truck, where it had been strapped for the journey down from Nelson. We roped it up and eased it down after having moved the truck to a sheltered place out of the wind. There were plenty of us holding onto ropes and giving advice and once we had the heavy thing on the ground, it just a matter of carrying it up the hill and into our forest garden, where once reassembled, the big yurt will serve as a meeting place for our community and a venue for music, dance, meeting and whatever else any of us can imagine. It's a very exciting prospect and while there's work ahead, putting it all back together, there is a community here willing that to happen. Here follow some of the photos taken during the day.


da Fonseca O'Connell said...

Hi Robert, what a great blog, very happy we found it.
Your yurt looks impressive. As we told you we are living on a yurt in Portugal that is 6mt diameter. We have packed it up for this time away travelling and will be putting it up again on our return. Here's a link to our blog it has some pictures there. Anyway, we are here till the 10th January and if you need any extra information or help with putting up your yurt we would love to come and help (not that we are experts). xx Suzana and Marty O'Connell

robertguyton said...

Hi guys - thanks for your offer; we'd love you to visit and wander through our garden. We could show you the site we have for the yurt and you could advise us on the wisdom or otherwise of our choice :-) Give us a ring and we'll get together. I'll have a look at your blog with Robyn when she gets in - thanks!