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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Unusual morning, yurt'n'all

The truck carrying the huge yurt we bought from Nelson, arrives here in one hour's time. Here's the weather map for today.

Unloading the yurt is going to be a challenge; there's a mighty wind a'blowin' out there and there's a lot involved; it took 3 hours to pack onto the truck, with all sorts of good Nelson folk pitching in to get it aboard. To feed our Riverton crew, I've been instructed to "make pumpkin soup" by the women of the household who have gone down into the village to have coffee and drum up some volunteer helpers.

I've been looking at food blogs. They post differently from the way I post.
Here are the stools under our kitchen table :-)

I have very few people in my pictures. I don't like pointing a camera at people and posting their images online seems an invasion of their privacy. Perhaps I'll get a manaquin to prop up whenever I need some human interest in my photos :-)

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