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Headless chickens

On the cusp

"We are on the cusp of something special"

John Key.

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Warmongery. Lies. Business as usual.

"It beggars belief that Mr. Key did not know that Obama was going to be at the meeting, or that he thinks it is one of the regular shmooze fests that pass as senior leadership meetings. So one of three things is possible:

Either he knows full well what the meeting is about and is deliberately lying to the NZ public about NZ’s role in the coalition; he is clueless about the nature of the meeting but does not care; or he is simply incompetent and unsuited to be Minister of National Security.

Take your pick."

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Supporting Nicky Hager

"No healthy democracy can endure when the most consequential acts of those in power remain secret and unaccountable. Those who step forward to blow these whistles rarely benefit at all. The ones who benefit are you. You discover what you should know but what is hidden from you: namely, the most consequential acts being taken by those with the greatest power, and how those actions are affecting your life, your country and your world.”

Here's the site from which you can donate to help Mr Hager.

Tradition in Southland - letter

(Published today in The Southland Times)

Restoring Southland's heritage apple collection has taught me the value of the traditional crops of our region. Those old tried-and-true varieties are healthier, stronger and better tasting than the few slick, modern varieties that were touted as "better" and "easier" than those apples our grandparents grew to feed their families. I respect the farmers that planted the apples that kept their settler families served with fruit. Traditional is best and natural is safer.

Today in Southland, we are witnessing a serious change to how we grow crops and farm animals. The traditional ways are disappearing fast. New crops, like the swedes that are at the centre of the poisoned cow issue, have been developed using "clever" modern methods and matched-up with the use of powerful herbicides that knock out everything but the engineered swedes. Thousands of hectares of Southland land is being hit with these chemicals and planted with the modified seeds. The results of that have made it to the front page of our newspapers and not for a good reason.

But it gets worse. In the latest edition of NZFarmer, our local Federated Farmers' president, Russell MacPherson, describes his visit to a Monsanto Corporation farm in America, where his mind was changed in favour of genetic modification and now he has returned to Southland enthusiastically promoting the practice.

It seems, sadly, that Southland farmers are rejecting the good work of their grandparents and are choosing instead to farm according to the chemical and genetic scientists.

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Best tweet - and everybody needs a tweet


PM "Look, I think ordinary Brown Bar-ba-loots and Swomee Swans just want to hear about the real issues, like the price of thneeds."

Dirty Politics


The left did not lose the election because Hager exposed #DirtyPolitics. National won because #DirtyPolitics work - 

24/09/14 6:42 pm