Friday, February 27, 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Coffee with Collie and Collie

"On a sunny day in February crop farmer Shane Collie, the fourth generation of his family to live in Waianiwa, wanders in for Coffee Club.

Without even looking around, he walks straight to Mrs Sippy, fills his cup, and sits with the group.

No greetings are shared.

They're not needed.

Wearing stubbies and a work-worn flannel shirt - let's not forget the woollen socks and work boots - Collie explains what he considers the virtues of the club.

"We're a cosmopolitan group," he says with a booming laugh.

"We even had a guest speaker once."

That guest speaker was Environment Southland councillor Robert Guyton.

Collie doesn't hold back on what he thought of Guyton's theories on farming but his opinion can't be directly quoted here."

I remember this coffee morning clearly. I'm not sure though, that Shane does. Still, it shows I made a lasting impression. My memory tells me we talked most passionately about Climate Change, oddly enough. Shane's from the Lord Monckton School of Climate Change Denial, and was as flexible as a fence-post when it came to considering my views. In fact, he became quite heated during the debate and his farming friends stepped in to settle him down. Shane and his old man, Stuart, ex-chairman of Environment Southland, are carved from the same rigid block of Conservative Pine and will be the last to concede that I am right about these things. I thought him a little churlish in his comments though I don't know what it was he said that couldn't be reported. Usually invited, guest speakers are granted a polite post-chat report, but there ya go, all bets are off when you go to Waianawa. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Fish rocker

I bought a wooden rocking-seat from the Hospice Shop in Invercargill for $10. I thought it great value for something that might entertain our grandchildren for hours on end. But it was painted powder-puff blue. All over. Natalie, a German artist staying with us presently, saw its potential and took to it with a brush and now it looks like this! I think it's marvellous.

Leaf-identification evening

A great evening at our home, with friends, identifying leaves - we organic people - such funsters!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mr Curly comes home


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Leo's Party

Leo's tail

Leo's friend

Leo's cat


Between the Tides

The bi-valve of John Wishart

Wayne's harp

A quorum of artists and droves of sightseers turned out for today's art-on-the-sand exhibition on the bed of the Jacob's River estuary at Riverton. Gulls wheeled, guitarists riffed and a small black dog peed on the figure of John Key, already shamed, head buried in the sand waiting for the incoming tide. There was scattered clapping, quite enthusiastic. Doetie sang as the bangers snarled on the bbq. A driftwood umbrella was erected but provided no protection from the sun. My tide-aha amused several people, they claimed, though other pieces drew the crowds. The event went well and people from all over got the chance to chat and look at others chatting. Those dictators on the council have decreed that the works have to be gone before the tide returns to full, so I'll go down before that deadline and take some photos, if there are any pieces other than mine still lingering, pushing the boundaries. I'll add an image or two then.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Beyondsemble in Riverton - Friday 13

Beyondsemble in Riverton

I'm organizing a performance by these exuberant people for this coming Friday evening, here in Riverton. More to come on that soon...


"A pyrotechnic display of dazzling virtuosity by four highly imaginative and gifted musician."
"These four talented musicians have the skills to make music of the highest quality look easy.
They play together with complete trust...This concert was exhilarating and seemingly faultless"
With responses like this, it is no surprise the band has shot into the limelight on the local festival scene and is getting a lot of attention offshore.
An eclectic and diverse mix of tunes and songs both original and sourced from around the globe are executed with virtuosic skill, infectious energy, a sense of adventure and an exuberance of spirit.

Poppy petals

These are out, beside the path to the shower.