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Trafalgar Street, Nelson (personal view)

Misplaced candle

This candle lay beside the path leading to the Nelson cathedral.
Can you work it out?

Rivers of my youth #2

This tidal river was the backdrop to a childhood memory for me. My dad worked as an accountant at a engineering business on the banks of this brackish river that runs through/beside the city of Nelson. Whenever I visited dad's work, I would go out back and muck around in the water. At times, according to the tide, I suppose, huge shoals of herring would swim up the river, for reasons I don't understand, and I would marvel at them, all silver and multitudinous. One day, as I was crossing the shallow water, a "dangerous fish:", possibly a barracuda, flashed past in pursuit of the herring. I was deeply scared by that one fish, against all logic. Tonight, I took this photograph. Over the two days I've been in Nelson, I've not seen a single fish in this river. And I've looked.

The rivers of my youth

"Consider the new management policy the polluters’ political representatives have set for our waterways. The quality of the water must be such that merely by wading in it New Zealanders can be confident of avoiding illness. But rivers and streams that they can swim in? No, no! That’s too much to expect. Too much to ask for."

All this means more to me at the moment as I visit the rivers I swam in as a boy, only now I'm not, I'm a local-body politician hearing of plans to dam the Lee river, deep and green, cool and refreshing, to serve the people of the Waimea Plains who...need water...

Flowering gate - Queen's Gardens

Letter to the editor - rivers and the Greens

The Green Party is crystal-clear on what our rivers should be - that is, clear enough to swim in. 
 The present Government has set it’s expectations at “good enough to float a boat on” which means that most of our polluted rivers are by their standards, good enough. 
 The Greens say no to that, knowing that New Zealand rivers have been clean enough for safe swimming in the past and should be again, as soon as possible. 
 It’s aspirational and inspirational stuff from the Green Party and anyone like myself who swam through every summer of their childhood in clear, cool rivers will want the same thing for their children and grandchildren. 
 It’s not good enough to set your standards low with “safe for wading” when “safe for swimming” is achievable. 
 It’s what New Zealanders want and it’s only the Greens who can make it a reality.

Pollarded planes - Nelson

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Drop-a-bomb, Dotcom.

Kim Dotcom says he will drop a political bomb just days out from the election and prove Prime Minister John Key misled the public.

Mr Key has always maintained the first he knew about Dotcom was a day before the raid on his mansion. But Dotcom says that is not true and he has hired the Auckland Town Hall.

Dotcom says he will drop a political bomb, which goes right to the core of Mr Key's credibility, five days out from the September 20 election.

"I invite everyone to come there because that is going to be the day where I'm going to reveal my evidence, my evidence around the political interference and my evidence that John Key lied," he says.

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