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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Standing again

I'm trying for a second round. The council of Environment Southland needs me :-) so I've collared some nominators, bent their ears and arms and got the papers signed and delivered to the charming Virginia Dillon, so the process of re-becoming a councillor has begun. I provided a photograph, despite sincere advice to substitute a real image with something fanciful and I've penned a 'candidate statement'. In fact I've done two. The following is my first effort, vetoed by my wife, quite rightly, and the second more moderate version, is lodged with Virginia. That's the one the good citizens of the Invercargill/Rakiura constituency will get to mull over once the candidate profiles are released to the Southland Times. There will be much merriment, I hope.
Here's my nuggety first draft:

I'm not a shy person and I speak out when I see things that I think are wrong.
By nature, I am conservative and don't like to see good resources go to waste.
I like to hold those who are careless with the environment to account and challenge anyone who might seek to exploit our shared resources for their own gain.
After three years on the council locking horns over important issues, I'm keen for another term because I believe I did make a significant difference during the last one.
I've made some good friends among the ES councillors and want to spend the next three years strengthening their efforts to make Southland an even better place to be.

(Here's the photo I really wanted to submit)


paulinem said...

Good luck Robert all the best its good to be able to leave your personal input on the future of your community. Something your future generations can look back with pride as you being their descendant whom was prepared to stand up for their beliefs for a better society.

Hmm nominations for ES are very slow even Alli hasn't put her nomination in yet ... so far none for Eastern. All the others have plenty so far the ICC has 16 nominations for 12 places ..should be a fun fun time these next two months.

robertguyton said...

No one wants to play with Ali, Pauline? You may be right :-)
I think SDC is being slow at publishing the nominations. Or the ST are holding them back for effect :-)

paulinem said...

Hmm If this is the case they better make sure that the nominations etc are all coatia otherwise if not fixed by 12pm Friday ..tough the ST wait will have to wait another three years !!