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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Common Ground update

It's as though the green man is just below the surface, gently pushing his way through to where we can see him - emerging through the footpaths and floors, from the walls, lamp-posts and doors, benignly reminding us of where the real power sits. I've no doubt my tiny contribution is just part of a general reclaiming of green-space and that's why I'm excited by the responses from the people who've emailed me and those I've spoken to face to face - some are really struck by the idea, especially by the green  man image. I hope that at the same time as we might see the image proliferate (stencilled onto bits of city, chalked onto pavements) we'll see more and more crepuscular planters on the beat, more spontaneous gardening, more waste-land cropping, 'long-orchards', front-yard makeovers, perma-blitzes and all of those actual, rather than virtual, expressions of our common ground, planting stuff.


Hootnz said...

May have to make some seed balls this spring with the kids!
Also good luck with the re election...councils need more people like you :)
Will be sending a self addressed envelope today.
PS: had a good laugh with that you thought I was a owl rescuer....when I send you mail you'll understand :)

robertguyton said...

Seed balls - I got rsi from rolling a years' worth of those little fellows!
I've had a drum built now, powered by a washing machine electric motor, to crank them out in their thousands. It's more fun though, to roll your own. I suggest grains as good seed for children to roll up - the results are quick and exciting. Kakabeak go well also.
Thanks for your s/a envelope. I quickly realised that I'll soon be in the poorhouse if I get many more requests from overseas (than I've already had).