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Friday, June 21, 2013

EarthCraft day press release

Riverton has its popular Harvest Festival to celebrate the bounty of autumn, but nothing much over the winter to brighten the darker days – until now!
This Saturday sees the first Family EarthCraft day, where craftspeople of all stripes will display and demonstrate their skills with wool, flax, wood and everything else that can be woven, twisted, knitted or encouraged into a useful garment or object.
The event, to be held in the Riverton Primary School hall beginning at 10am, will provide an engaging and useful opportunity for everyone to try their hand at crafts of their choice and an opportunity to take home something they’ve made themselves.
If they are more inclined to watch others hand-crafting in the traditional manner, using looms, needles, hooks and scissors, people can simply enjoy the spectacle of crafts-people in action.
There will be opportunities to talk with talented crafters and learn from them about their old-style craft, at the various tables set up for the purpose of showcasing their craft.

Entry is a gold coin donation and some activities may require a small donation towards any materials needed.
The Family EarthCraft day finishes at 4pm and will have by then made many Southlanders both happier and just a little craftier than they were when they arrived.

For further information, contact the SouthCoast Environment centre on 2348 249 or

Robert Guyton


Anonymous said...

How excellent! Any chance of some photos of the day?

robertguyton said...

There will be photos. It really sounds like your kind of day, WC :-)