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Friday, June 21, 2013

Winter solstice burn

I don't like to let a solstice go by without setting and igniting a bonfire. Having collected the old macrocarpa slabs from the redundant garden beds at the community garden, along with assorted stakes and posts that have hung around for years, waiting to become kindling, I lit my match and retired. The flames climbed into the night, well, afternoon really. I had to get home to prepare for the EarthCraft event tomorrow, so didn't wait for dusk to fall. In any case, it was wonderful a all consented bonfires are.
Here are a couple of photos. In the background, the Anglican church :-)


wildcrafty said...

lucky you! Was it easy to get a permit?

robertguyton said...

There wasn't one needed, it being winter, but I got one any way.
I like to comply with regulations when it isn't required. It makes me feel righteous :-)
Yes, it was very easy. I just told them what, when and where and they sent me the papers 5 pages).