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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Key goes nutskey

What a pillock! Key's gone all snitchy about the sinking of his asset sales and chances of retaining the PM-ship in 2014, and he's warbling all sorts of ridiculous stuff to cover his exposure as a rubbish leader.
In his latest brain-fry, he attacks the Greens (surprise!) and in particular, Russel Norman. From The Standard:
" Key said his enduring memory of Green co-leader Russel Norman was seeing him “just about get shot” by Chinese protection agents after trying to wrap a Tibetan flag around the then Vice-Premier of China."

First up, 'enduring memory' - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 'Memory' - John Key! I laugh like a drain.
Secondly, when members of our own Parliament get 'just about shot' by visiting Chinese, armed visitors mind, for displaying a flag, you have to wonder what has happened to our country. And to have the Prime Minister flippantly pointing the finger at our man, not their brutes, over the incident, is shameful.
And on top of that, the lie. Russel wasn't "trying to wrap a Tibetan flag" around anyone. Key's list of lies just keeps growing and growing, like the puppet's nose.
Anyway, I thought Key's keenest memory of Russel would have been the moment in the House where the Green leader called him out as a chicken, complete with sound effects, for being too frightened to answer a question. Certain, I remember it fondly.
Key's strategy is and always was to have been, demeaning any opposition with slights. No surprises there. My hope is that his pettiness will be met with a mocking response from those he slurs. I await in eager anticipation.


bsprout said...

Russel Norman was actually following the tradition of past leader, Rod Donald, through a silent protest and just holding a Tibetan flag. Rod was always provided with security as a New Zealand MP, while Russel wasn't. Russel was expressing his democratic right in his own country and for this Government to allow foreign security to rough up a New Zealand citizen, who was behaving lawfully, was a new low.

robertguyton said...

Couldn't agree more, bsprout. Of course, Key's version will be seized-upon by his flunkies and paraded about as 'the truth'. I'd like to see Key's cat-walk mince being used similarly. The three-way handshake was a laugh too, wasn't it. The awful Letterman appearance. Brain-fades galore. Dotcom's barely-noticeable Helensville mansion. So much ,aterial.