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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ka mate te kotare

Sometime last week, I found a dead kingfisher beside the highway into the village. It's unusual to find these birds killed by cars, unlike other less-careful birds, but there he was, lying lifelessly. I put him in a toetoe, thinking to collect him on my way home and perhaps rescue some halcyon-blue feathers, his beaky-skull or even some bones, but got distracted and didn't. Today I remembered, so walked down to collect the little bag 'o' bones. The flies, more especially their maggots, had beaten me to it. Even so, I've brought him back and will leave the wriggly things to their work and see what's left behind once they're done. I've collected an albatross skull this way, long ago, and had a moa claw as well. A kotare beak is something quite unusual and I like that. The bird in the picture hangs on the wall of our hallway and is not dead.

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