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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cave and Murrell - quotes of the day

Mervyn Cave and Jack Murrell are stalwart letter-writers who contribute often to the Southland Times' YOUR VIEW column.
Today, each has a repeatable quote; Jack's on Judith Collins, Mervyn's on "Ruby" Timms.

Jack doesn't pussy-foot around:

"Judith Collin's ministerial dignity has vanished and in my eyes she is now a quaking, querulous cow."

Mervyn torments chairman Timms with a letter to "Ruby":

"I extend my sympathies to you over the trauma you would have suffered from having your identity stolen for nefarious political purposes."

Mervyn's taken to mocking the ES chairman for her lamentable behaviour and he's not the only one. I hear it everywhere I go.

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