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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The latest and most blatant disgrace

From Stuff:
 "Fresh from its court victory on asset sales, the Government is considering selling all three state-owned electricity companies next year.

Finance Minister Bill English linked the possibility of three sales to buoyant financial markets and the plan would also mean the most controversial sales were over before election year."

Are we all sleeping? Where's the reaction to this appalling ploy from English and the National Party ?

Rushing the sales, so they're 'over before election year'?


Anyone out there?


bsprout said...

I've heard we should have more than enough signatures for the CIR so that we can present the petition early next year. Lets bring democracy back into governance!

robertguyton said...

Excellent *rubs hands, snickers.

Dave Rowe said...

This government is a disgrace; time Kiwi's awoke to this before it’s too late. Seems Kiwis think that a PM who does silly dances and avoids the hard questions is a good joker. Give me strength.

robertguyton said...

It's quite a desperate situation, Dave do we have faith that our fellow Kiwi's will show their true mettle and toss these shysters?
I think, yes.

paulinem said...

Sadly Robert becasue this govt does what its like and carries on its way regardless of public opinon.

Why Because of (dubious re methodology -did you know the Roy Morgan poll is mainly a postal poll) opinion polls that shows them they still have public support. I supect their support comes mainly from Auckland voters

Re referendum its not binding and it will depend on how many actually turn out and actually go to the polling booth to vote If its a low vote turnout ..hmm the Govt will use this for all they can .... and could actually go against their opponents in populaltiy of public opinon.

robertguyton said...

Some personalities thrill to bullies, pauline and the number of compliant, 'victims' has markedly increased in new Zealand in the last decade, as they have throughout the Western world. It takes a sturdy personality to stand up and say, 'this is bullshit'.

paulinem said...

What you are saying Robert is the price of democracy is to be ever vigilant...I agree I have actually no problem with the Govt supporters Why becasue they actually believe what they believe ...

My problem is the later the non vigilant ones why because of self centeredness ... But I mostly have a problem with those that rant shout etc etc and they are usually our young future leaders generation.... who when come to the crunch to be responsible make a choice and actually go to the polling booth and vote are absent non voters !!! These ones really really anger me as I find them frightening as they are our future there behaviour now will be reflected in the future with decisions made with many by mob thinking!

On the now today Barney and I am coming to Riverton for the next six days staying at the camping ground so I might see you around the town if you are not going away. :)

robertguyton said...

Call round for a cuppa, Pauline.

Paranormal said...

A question I asked my children to research - What is the price of freedom?