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Monday, June 4, 2012

Weka on the Greens

"I’m not so worried about the Greens selling out on something like this. They still have enough integrity as they move towards the centre, and by the time they get enough power to influence [mining] policy, there will be space on the left for more radical voices again to keep them honest.

R0b, I also sometimes feel sad about what The Greens have had to do in becoming more mainstream, but actually it’s just the ebb and flow of change. Muzza said in the other thread that this is bad because it just means that the mainstream gets kept comfortable. I see it completely differently. I see the Greens as colonising the centre and changing how the country thinks. How amazing is it that a radical like Turei could be in such a position of power? Or that we now have green issues entering centre stage?

The Greens are about to hit their zenith, where they gain enough power to do some real good at the same time as still having their integrity. Later when they get subsumed into the grind of political compromise, we can only hope that the radical left has stepped up to hold them accountable."

(Qouted in part, from The Standard. Thanks weka, for your clear analysis.)


Shunda barunda said...

We are so screwed.

Towack said...

I remember hearing some lady from Tapanui speaking, she was the local candidate for United Future. She proudly proclaimed that to get influence (power) within parliment one had to compromise with other parties already in power. At that time they had a pile of mp's. How many now?

I had to laugh when I listened to Wuzzle admitting to current NZ coal mines not having to shut down. Compromise Wuzzle, compromise. Why stand for what you believe in when you can stand for some other parties. Thats integrity.

weka said...

Thank-you Robert. I am honoured.

robertguyton said...

You're welcome, weka. You said it well.

robertguyton said...

Towack - glad you got a laugh from hearing someone recognise the reality of a situation. The only reason you laughed, I propose, is that you dan erroneous belief about what the Greens proposed until Russel straightened you out.