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Monday, June 4, 2012

Socrates - less is more betterer

Over 2 millennia ago Socrates counseled, “The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”


Shunda barunda said...

Smart fellow.

The Greens should read more of this sort of thing instead of that other fellow, what's his name? Mick?....Marge?...Marx! that's it.


robertguyton said...

The Greens should...perhaps they do, Shunda. Had you considered that you've missed the boat on this one? After all, I'm green and I subscribe to Mr Socrates' subscription.

Shunda barunda said...

Yeah yeah.

Politics wrecks good ideas though, that's my beef.

robertguyton said...

What is 'politics' in your view, Shunda? You rail against it,but what exactly are you meaning and what do you propose as an alternative?
Serious question I'd like to debate.

Anonymous said...

Here you go RG. My belief is the individual should be at the centre of policy debate, not whats best for the group. Thats because government cannot build or create things, only set the ebnvironment for the rest of us to operate in. That's where the Marxist's have gone astray, and continue to go astray. They are content to trample over individuals rights for the greater good.

Then 'politics' gets involved. The pushing of ideas for power. That's what has buggered the nation and many others.

As an example just imagine if Muldoon hadn't played politics and retained Labours (note not the newer version of 'Liabour') individual super savings accounts. New Zealand would be a far richer country and not dependent on overseas credit for survival.

I am sure a good number of politicians became involved for the greater good, but over time have had to swallow too many dead rats to retain their original pure intentions.

How's that for a start?


Shunda barunda said...

Politics is where good ideas go to die to fuel political ideology and the inevitable lust for power.

When power is achieved, nothing very beneficial happens for the average Joe. For example, the Anglican church is supposed to be the "reformed" version, yet it isn't really any different to the Catholic church, just less statues and you can't pray to Mary.

Politics in this country is very similar, Labour and National hate each other (like protestants and Catholics) yet they are almost exactly the same.

The Greens are perhaps heading down a similar path.

Great ideas are the beginning of opportunity, we must not let politicians exploit them for the wrong reasons or to feign authority in an issue.

Individual communities need to lead the way, and we need to place more weight on qualified community leadership.