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Monday, June 4, 2012

Green alert!

There's great consternation in the foamy blue blogosphere! Tory blood is boiling as a til-now-supine enemy of all that is Good/Expensive/Wasteful has bared it's amphibian fangs! The Green Party, or Labour's Door-Mat, as they were fondly known, has said Bad Things about Saints John and Paula, nasty things about privilege and hypocrisy! These are no-no words in the National Party dictionary (thin volume) and anyone who uses them is, quite Rightly, deemed nasty.
There's even a photograph of a Green Not Doing What He's Supposed To.

Has the world gone completely mad?


Shunda barunda said...

nasty things about privilege and hypocrisy!

Interestingly enough, the properties that most of the Green MPs own are almost indistinguishable from those that the "tory" voters like so much.

Privilege and hypocrisy appears to be apolitical in that sense.

robertguyton said...

Shunda - you'll post links that prove that 'Most of the Green MPs" own properties that are indistinguishable from those the "tory" voters like so much"?

Shunda barunda said...

Interesting that the Greens new Sue Bradford replacement and resident man hater, Jan Logie, had much to say about supposed misogyny of a National MP, yet let another male MP off without comment.

The other MP made racist, sexist, and degrading comments about other MPs, (including several women) yet not a word.

I guess it's a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, or perhaps just more Green party gross hypocrisy.

They are all the same Robert.

Shunda barunda said...

Oh come on Robert, there aren't many poor Green MPs (or core supporters for that matter), most are from very privileged backgrounds and are currently very wealthy.

Most live on fancy lifestyle blocks or nice trendy suburbs, several own multiple properties all over the country.

Nothing "grass roots" about that.

robertguyton said...

So that's a 'no' from you Shunda - you won't provide any material/facts/links to support your claim @ 2:16. That sort of behaviour doesn't endear you to the thinkers in the blogging community.
I met Jan Logie recently - if she's a man-hater, then my intuition is all up-the-whack. I didn't find her to be a man-hater at all, in the slightest, by any stretch of the imagination. Just sayin'.
Green MPs, as I understand it, Shunda, earn the same amount as other MPs, at the same time donating 10% of their income back into the Party, something I don't hear MPs from other Parties claiming to do. The evidence is there, should you care to challenge it. I guess you're saying they should be poor. Maybe so, though it would hinder their effectiveness in the roles they were voted in for, so I don't quite see how you could reconcile that with the supporters of the Green Party. I suppose it's all about what they do with that wealth, for wealth I believe it is. If you are certain that they are squandering that, living on the pigs back at the expense of others, then be specific, make a claim against one of them at least, and back it up with facts. I don't expect you will.

Shunda barunda said...

Google search their names, you will find all you are asking.

I know you know them all better than me, and I know you know that many of them are from what people like me would consider a privileged background.

Why you chose to ignore this is perhaps something I need to think about.

I'm not saying it is wrong to own property or a lifestyle block (I love what you are doing) but I think it is wrong to push a distinction between parties that doesn't really exist.

I also find it hard to accept that these people know too many of the "poor" they claim to be so concerned about.

Shunda barunda said...

And regarding Jan Logie.

I am just reading her extremely poorly written rants on Frogblog, others seem to agree going by the comments her posts attract.

There is a type of feminism that is extremely ugly, the Greens appear to embrace it which is unfortunate.

robertguyton said...

I Googled the Green MPs, Shunda and you're right! They are all stinking rich, like Key, Carter, English and co. None of th\ose Green MPs know a single poor person and as far as I can tell, they are all man-haters.
I don't know why I hadn't seen this before!
Not only that, each and every Green MP is determined to keep the very same programme that Labour and National have been running for years and years - THE GREENS ARE NO DIFFERENT FROM NATIONAL AND LABOUR.
Incredible! I've been so blind!
THANK YOU, Shunda.
Just, thank you.

Towack said...

Actually most green supporters I know are quite wealthy. If I was to name most of the local ones they would be middle income Kiwis and above.

The Greens pretend to be the poor voice, but I know the poor don't vote for them. The poor don't tend to vote at all.

Shunda barunda said...

Stop mocking me Wobbit!!!

I've had a bad day :(

I'll be ok tomorrow.


robertguyton said...

Towack - Green MPs have to be poor before they can espouse policy that helps the poor? Really? Is it not possible for a person who spends time with poor people, who explores the reasons for poverty, who talks with those who work at the coal-face of poverty, who adopts a political position that favours the poor, to be an effective force in reducing poverty? Why not? Are you, yourself, not able to improve the lot of students at your local college? You're not a teenager. Are you unable to help anyone outside of your church? You're inside of your church. Are you not able to help an elderly person? You're middle-aged :-)
Poor people may not vote green, as you say, but you also mentioned they don't vote at all. This may be true, but your stating it seems to have no purpose.Perhaps the Green MPs, from their position of not being ground down by the daily need to survive, are able to help, are able to make decisions that will benefit the poor. Your implication that middle-class people are 'invalid' seems nonsensical, given that you are one. Is your role in society pointless, except for the effect you can have on other middle-class people, your tribe?

Towack said...

Boy, talk about complicating an issue - your answer is a classic green reply, lets throw a whole lot of words in the air and see if something sticks.
You have been pushing a line that the tory voters are all rich and send their kids to private schools. I picked up from Shunda commenting on your comment of privilege, plenty of Greens live a privileged life, in fact most of them do.

Eat your weetbixs man, good brainfood

robertguyton said...

"You have been pushing a line that the tory voters are all rich and send their kids to private schools."

Not that I've been aware of. I've been saying that the National Party MPs are and do. If you can find where I've included those who vote for them, please point to the place. Otherwise, I say you are wrong and need to refill your own breakfast plate.

Towack said...

do the mp's not vote for themselves

robertguyton said...

That's a weak shot, towack. Did you feel caught out? Forced to split a hair to save face?
Come on man, step up!