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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zero Budget

Only 37% of New Zealanders believe the economy is on the right track, according to the latest Fairfax survey. No surprise there. Bill's up against it, but will still spin his 'it's all Labours' fault/the earthquake/world economic crisis is responsible' line for all it's worth. I'm attending his post-budget address to the Gore Chamber of Commerce and will be offering Bill a chance to explain the public's lack of confidence in his 'austerity', non-stimulatory budget, and will report back here. I don't expect any of the Chamberites will have a cross word for Bill. They certainly didn't hold Solid Energy's feet anywhere near the fire when their front-men presented their expansive plans there when last I sat down to breakfast with the be-suited ones.


Bioneer said...

They were open about it from the start: zero return on their promises

robertguyton said...

Spent the afternoon debating such issues with ex-chairman Collie in the lounge at the Council, Bio. He's warming to me :-)