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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

GE pastures letter - Southland Times

Our Southland landscape is largely covered in pasture grasses, an enormous 'green' that generates wealth for our region. It would be a tragedy for our dairy, beef and wool industries if that broad pasture became contaminated. The introduction of genetically-engineered grasses would rob us of our clean, grass-fed, global- market advantage. Southland farmers should guard against the incursion of g.e. pasture grasses currently being field-trialled in Australia with the financial support of Fonterra. Our good quality Southland pastures are worth protecting from the bio-tech industries that seek to spread their products across the globe.


Bioneer said...

Wont be long until the neighbouring farmers are paying court fines because their pastures cross-pollinated with the G.E. fields -effectively 'stealing' they will say.

They should all have a round of Farmaggedon to get a sobering taste of how it could play out

robertguyton said...

That's right, Bio - neighbours 'stealing' ge pollen. Farmageddon indeed. Taught me a thing or two.