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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Back up to speed!
Seems the slow phase has passed and I'm as quick as ever now! Good news! Tomorrow, I'll post something interesting - much has happened over the past month :-) In the meantime, I saw a pod of 30 or so dolphins in the estuary yesterday and an eel, wriggling across the road, with a young man in hot pursuit! Tomorrow/apopo.


Anonymous said...

Nah still takes four full minutes after I click for the site to load :/
Also 'tomorrow' has come and gone btw

fredinthegrass said...

Keep at it Rg, we miss you.
Anyway even at our time in life whats 4 minutes wait for some gem from you.
Gives me time to put the billy on.

Unknown said...

Hi Rob and Robyn we loved our wee visit last week and have been raving about it ever since. Little amused to read about cow parsley online and see everyone describe it as a hard to eradicate weed. Here's a link to our relation's business in Scotland as promised. They made their own spars for some of the yurts from locally grown timber, Perthshire being known in Scotland as big tree country. Andrew, Angus and James.

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