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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I haven't been posting here at all, for various reasons, but life has been moving along, as it always has done, for this southern gardener. In fact, I've just celebrated my 60th birthday with a wonderful party where my guests dressed in a woodland theme and partied in the forest garden. Here's how I looked early in the piece - not so composed later on!


Unknown said...

Was wondering if there was some conspiracy to gag you.
Saddest thing about turning 60 is that 50 only seemed weeks ago, not years ago. Greatest thing is remembering that many never had the privilege of growing old and turning 60.
We boast about 60 being the new 40 but deep down we know that 60 is just plain 60. This year after 50 years working I am finally going to get the government to pay me. Friends say isn't that great but to be honest I could happily stay a big younger and not have to worry about such things. The other more exciting milestone is that it will also be 50 years since first getting a drivers license. One of the most exciting things that ever happened to me. The traffic officer was Allan Shaw in Palmerston and when he was filling out the details said when is your birthday. I said 30th June and he responded I know when the license needs renewed but when is your birthday. Got a bit panicky then and said sir it really is 30th June. He looked me up and down and said well boy since today is the 30th June you certainly did a great job in learning to drive in just one morning. And my life in the big wide world begun. By August I had my first car and in Dec my first girlfriend and have been broke ever since. Not sure if it was the cars or the girls but neither have killed me so suppose I have survived.

robertguyton said...

You've done well, Philip and I hope to keep going, as you have done, mindful of how fortunate I am to have come thus far. 60 is a bit sobering; 6 out of 10, I've been telling myself, so only just past the mid-point, but some of my bones are telling me otherwise. Still, healthy life, benevolent thoughts, plenty of sleep, it all helps.

kdlk said...

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