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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

2 contrasting images

The be-bearded guy is me and my beard is dressed with bird-nests for the purpose of illustrating a story. I've a couple of concerns about releasing this image to the public, as I look a goose :-) but for the sake of Story, I'll do it. The second photograph is of a gorse bush that was growing through a farm fence till the farmer set fire to it.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Radagast

fredinthegrass said...

I can't imagine you being able to stay still for long enough, Rg, but if you did you might find a wee finch nesting there.

Going back over older posts - I had given up being able to view your blog - I found your remarks
about speed or rather the lack of it. This fine spring evening I tried once more - same old same old.....
so went away from the computer and when I returned lo and behold there was this lovely face
with bird nests sprouting from his facial growth.
My delight is unbounded. I can once more enjoy your humour and your eye for the unusual.
There is something not quite right with your site - hope it can be sorted.

robertguyton said...

Hi, Fred - I'm sorry this takes so ridiculously long to load; the delay has put me off posting, as I'm a quick-response kind of guy and haven't much patience and had decided to let it fade into the mists of time. However, I too found that leaving the computer churning for 10 minutes brings the site up and so in theory, I can continue to put up images and comments. First up, are you excited by the new Government? Naturally, I am. The nesty-beard shot will appear in the next edition of the New Zealand Gardener and so will be viewed by gardeners throughout the land, for better or worse; I have considered that I might have gone too far with this one, but we shall see...
All is well here, very well in fact, with grandchildren and gardens occupying most of my time and thoughts. I hope you're well, Fred and that my site speeds up so that you can keep tabs :-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe shadow-banned

fredinthegrass said...

Rg, I am slightly right of centre, and in one "survey" came out as Neo-Liberal - whatever that is!?
However I am excited by the potential of seeing my "green" leanings catered for. May I say I am really disappointed in the Green Party to date for dropping the ball and missing opportunities to make a difference.
Now is their chance to "shine"!
I worry a little that Labour will sell out to the far left - as much as I worried about the right going too far right.
Not sure at all about Mr. Peter's role in our future though.
As our children keep reminding us - "Mum and Dad this is the new now - get used to it!!"
Fresh thinking brings fresh ideas, and that is good for all of us.
And at least we now have an "opposition" which every Government needs to lead us effectively.
On a less ethereal note my first strawberries are nearly ready for picking and the first tomatoes are on the early vines.
We must exercise patience, Rg and the rewards - aka your immensely enjoyable ramblings and images - will be worth the slight inconvenience of a slow up/download. Remember the "dial-up" days when if someone annoyed you, you sent them a few photos which tied up their computer for hours!!

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora Robert I want to send you an email but don't know what it is. My email is thanks mate