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Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Essential Forest Gardener

If you care to read the 12 chapters of my soon to be published on paper, book, "The Essential Forest Gardener", the link is here.
Weka, who authors posts on The Standard blog, put the chapters up for me, week after week for 12 weeks, then compiled them into one place and that's where my link will take you. I've also linked, here, to Ad's post on the same blog, where he (or she, I don't know Ad's gender) sums up after the series finished. It's a lovely follow up to the 12 posts and I'm grateful for the mention. The work is not quite as polished as it needs to be before being printed out in the form of a hold in hand book, but Antoinette, part of the Happen Films crew that filmed "An Invitation for Wildness" in our garden and home recently (here's the link to that film - 102,917 views so far!), is professionally proof-reading it for me and pruning off the extraneous bits to make it more readable. Exciting times!

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