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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Crowd funding for the environment centre

The lovely building that houses the Riverton Environment Centre has come up for sale. We've been in there for 15 years, making us the longest continuously-running environment centre in New Zealand, and paying rent for all of that time. Now, we have the opportunity, wonderful opportunity, to buy it. Being a not-for-profit organization, working with volunteers with hearts of gold, we are going out to the public to ask for help, through a page on the Pledge Me site: We launched the page today and already have donations from a number of kind people but we've a way to go before we get the $75,000 we need to make the building our own. It's exciting for all of us, especially when a new pledge comes in, so if you want to make our little eyes shine and our hearts flitter-flutter, you know what to do and if you do, I thank you, very much!


Bioneer said...

18 pedgers overnight is quite good

robertguyton said...

It's very gratifying to learn that people support us with more than words :-) We've a way to go yet, but we reckon it's doable! Thanks very much to those who have donated already, we value your support very much.

Marty Mars said...

Good luck with this - I met my wife at our environment centre (now sadly gone for a decade - environment centre that is not the wife :) ) - seems to me like we need an environment centre in every little town, village and community. Might be time to try and get the Golden Bay one up and running again.

robertguyton said...

Thanks, Marty - good to hear that your wife's still with you :-)
It's no easy task keeping a centre going - so many pressures to give up, but we, my wife Robyn in particular,are stoic and stubborn when it comes to an idea we know is worthwhile. The centre in Riverton has become a draw-card and a rallying point for a whole new generation of thoughtful, kind people and it's a pleasure to provide the opportunity for them to get together. In fact, we'reall but over-run with babies and toddlers at the moment and have developed a beautiful "children's corner" for them to meet each other in :-)