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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

She's a Painted Lady

An Aussie too. My eyes were deceiving me, and my colour-blindness leading me down the garden path. That was no Copper Glade I saw, it was an Australian Painted Lady! I got a photo yesterday, compared it with images on the interweb and found that I had got it very wrong. Disappointing, as I was full of delight at believing Glade Coppers had chosen to settle here in my forest garden. Discovering that the butterfly that's been sunning itself in front of the house, feeding through it's curled tongue from the sea radish flowers and tantalising me with its flitting and fluttering, was a common Australian blow-over was something of a letdown. But only a little let down, in reality. The Painted Lady is lovely and novel, both advantageous features to my eye.

I also spotted a beautiful moth, see above, and excitedly searched the web to learn if it was special, only to discover that it's the Common Carpet moth. Funny. But still beautiful.

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