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Monday, September 14, 2015

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

I went to see (I went to sea) the 1954 Disney movie at the church-hall "cinema" in Riverton last night, dressed as Cap'n Nemo, cap'n's cap on, pipe clenched between my teeth.
I was the only one dressed up.
Didn't worry me.
Great film, pity about the seal.


fredinthegrass said...

A fine cut "o' the gib" if I've ever seen one - you just look the part, Rg.

Philip Todd said...

Did you get the pipe puffing clouds of smoke of is that outside the regions air quality guidelines?

robertguyton said...

Thank'e, Fred. In truth, no one should sail under my command, as my instinct for the ocean is not to be relied upon. I make a great passenger though.

robertguyton said...

No smoke, Philip - I like my air quality pristine. That old pipe though, still tastes of tobacco, though I've scrubbed and rinsed vigorously, even sluiced it with lavender oil (clearly no salty sea-dog, me. More lily-livered land-lubber :-)