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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Homepaddock's Greatest Hour

"I’m not interested in who started it, you’re not children and I’m not your mother"


corokia green said...

I really don't understand why Dave bothers. He will never get anyone over there to acknowledge when he is right about anything ( for eg see where he shows Tracey how Mr E said he had been a farmer- didn't see her come back and admit she was wrong- they never do.)
I wish he'd use his time and skills interacting with people who don't have closed minds. Should probably pop over to his blog and comment there, Dave, you are wasted at Homepaddock, join the community of ex-HP commenters, you'll feel so much better.

robertguyton said...

It's a nest over there, of dysfunction and perversity. The day I tended my resignation from there was a great day indeed :-) Poor Dave, can't break free.

Armchair Critic said...

I think Dave is sharpening his claws, like and cat on a tree. Having watched cats scratch trees and found that the tree tends mostly not to notice, nor is the cat much improved in its spikiness, it seemed to me that it was a pointless exercise.
Then I realised that Dave's writing has improved remarkably over the last couple of years and I put this down to his seemingly futile efforts at the woolly nightshade of the nz blogosphere. So I disagree, Dave has done some good, if only for himself.

robertguyton said...

True, AC, Dave's written expression has strengthened with every "wasted" comment. He's not be able to dent the tortoise-shell ideologies that lie cast in the home paddock, but neither did I, for all my recklessness. My concern is the level of inanity to which the "debate" has sunk. That said, you gotta wonder why I look - sort of a morbid fascination, I suppose :-)

Armchair Critic said...

I do wonder why anyone looks at HP. It lead me to wonder that if HP is the woolly nightshade of blogs, which is the equivalent of a Leyland Cypress?

robertguyton said...

Harsh criticism, AC. If anyone said that of mine, I'd crumple in a heap of self-disgust.
Ele does provide a word-for-word example of National's spin though - they speak through her without any taint, so if you want to read what they'd have you believe, she's the one. Mind you, there're a heap of similarly craven "repeaters" across the media, so you don't have to go far. Haven't heard from Keeping Stock for an age though. I did see mention of him in the pages of Dirty Politics and while I was in Whanganui, I dropped a Green man sticker into the letter box of his modest home :-)