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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Letter to the editor - July 2


Federated Farmers appear to be prising open farming's backdoor to allow the entry of genetically engineered crops into New Zealand.

Recent claims by local and national federation leaders in favour of genetically engineered pasture and feed crops should concern ordinary New Zealanders; we don't want or need genetically engineered crops across our land.

Efforts by Federated Farmers to soften up our thinking in preparation for the introduction of foreign organisms into our so-far safe countryside are not welcome.

The future of Southland and other regions that rely on farming is threatened by pressure from foreign corporations seeking to introduce their genetically engineered plants into clean countries like New Zealand.

Our farmers' union should be protecting us from those agencies, not opening the door and ushering them through.

Robert Guyton


Philip Todd said...

My understanding is that we just have to accept the fact we cannot swim in our once pristine rivers and move on?
I wonder what other sector of the population could get away with that.
Especially as our clean green tourism industry perception drags the second or third biggest spend into our southern economy. Although we are seeing the SDC turning a blind eye to some pretty borderline health standards at some freedom camping areas around Southland. Perhaps we all just need to face up to the fact crap is acceptable whether animal or human as it wont be long before we are all in the crap

robertguyton said...

That's right. 76% of Southland rivers are unsafe to swim in because of the pathological bacteria they contain. No worries, mate, backbone of the country, feed the world! Looking to double our production. I know! With intensive farming producing results like these, let's expand into pristine environments with intensive aqua-farming - some of those sounds in Fiordland aren't pulling their weight for this rockstar economy. I'll get the King Salmon guys down - hang on! They were here last week - wonder what they wanted???

Philip Todd said...

Southland is being let down by our elected people. The ICC is full of self serving ones who would sell their souls for a dollar. Talked with a SDC one the other day and his attitude was just plain aggressive when it come to questions that did not agree with his points of view.
Christchurch is a great example of the failure of local bodies to be effective any longer and everything is a big problem unless its paying huge money to an incompetent staff member.
How we got to where we are today is nothing short of miraculous but we had good people doing good things for all the right reasons back then. Not just those who lobbied the hardest

robertguyton said...

Had a meeting with Sarah Dowie yesterday.

Nothing to report.