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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Keeping Stock - the raid was okay

Keeping Stock has a peculiarly one-eyed view of the world that declares that if he's not affected, it's all good. He wasn't raided by paramilitary forces directed by America, so Kim Dotcom should just shut up and plead guilty to...whatever the Americans say.
Over on his "I love John Key" blog, Keeping Stock gets a serve from Andrei over this matter and rightly so (Pun intended).
Here's the detail:
Keeping (the faith) Stock:

"The Court of Appeal ruled that the raids on Dotcom’s property were NOT illegal"

"Well that’s ok then, is it?

You happy with armed paramilitary raids on private individuals homes at the behest of a foreign power Mr IV2?

There is something very troublesome about the way people are happy to surrender other people to tyranny provide they are not impacted and the other has been demonized by the powers that be."

Well said, Andrei.
Keeping Stock, your moral compass is rusted and bent and Andrei has exposed you nicely to the real world - you know, that one that doesn't fawn over John Key's every utterence.


Armchair Critic said...

What impresses me the most is that Andrei knows what Pastor Niemoller said. I found his Putin-worship nauseating, so the idea that he could consider the thoughts, feelings and rights of others is great. On the other hand, I decided ages ago that there is no limit to how low KS will droop, so nothing he does surprises me.

robertguyton said...

I find his behaviour despicable. Still, he serves as a reminder of how his lot think, if that's what you'd call it.