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Friday, April 25, 2014

Swordfish on Jones (priceless)

Jones is an uber-affluent, deeply careerist, Right-Wing Corporate Iwi-type whose Neo-Liberal Nat-lite preferences are a million miles away from the core interests of those on or near the minimum wage . But hang on a minute !!! – he’s Maori and he watches porn (sometimes Asian Babes, sometimes Swedish Lesbian Lust) – so he must surely be God-like to those wonderfully colourful and authentic little working-class johnnies, running about excitedly like characters in a Bruegel painting.


Philip Todd said...

Probably the wrong day to talk about Shane.Or again perhaps the right day when we are thinking of those who were selfless in their actions. Shane epitomises much of where we have in the last 99 years failed to learn from. Number one is you are never more important than any organisation you become part of. Labour is a movement and while from time to time it may get a little sidetracked it is the conduit for great people to make great social changes. Those great people have never been the type who think they are great nor felt the need to throw toys out of their cots. Shane could have gained far more respect by showing he respected his team. I can understand that politics can drain the soul but that doesn't mean you need to act without dignity and respect.
The Tories are expected to be able to be bought and the only argument is the price. Socialist government members must be able to show they are not there waiting for the price is right

robertguyton said...

"The Tories are expected to be able to be bought and the only argument is the price"

I guess that's why people are calling Jones a Tory in a red coat.