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Friday, April 25, 2014

"Please stop writing letters to the newspaper. Everyone's sick of it."

It's inevitable that the panel of real scientists that advise the world's governments on global warming would attract a fake 'denier-panel', funded by industry money and intent on undermining the real science. 
  Tuesday's letter from the co-lead editor of that group did what it could to convince readers that 'equal consideration' should be given to their wrong-headed and dangerous claims, but it shouldn't.       
 Their call for 'business as usual' is wrong and puts our future at serious risk. 
 The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the respected and real authority. 
 The other panel that seeks to shroud itself under a similar sounding name, is a mouth-piece for the very industries that are causing global warming. 
  Trust the former, be very wary of the latter. 


(I received an anonymous note through the mail, urging me to stop writing to the Southland Times. Sadly, this letter was already in the pipeline and you can't stop a good thing happening, I always say :-)
The erudite John Purey-Cust also had a letter in today on the topic of climate change and the idiotic position Britain has taken over it, a position similar to that taken by our present Tory/National Government).


Philip Todd said...

Dont you love anonymous notes. They feed the cynic in me and spur you on to do things bigger and better. Sometimes they distract slightly as you try to slip little points in that are not always relevant but you know full well will annoy the anon.

robertguyton said...

Annoying Anon - perverse pleasure.