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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Keep this confidential"

John Key, in the House, today:
"Mr Shearer said 'keep this confidential."

And did Mr Key keep it confidential?

Fine man, that Mr Key. Trustworthy.

Shearer, otoh, is a fool to make such a request of an untrustworthy man like Key.


Paranormal said...

Soooo - you would prefer Key to have lied that he hadn't met with Shearer?

What double standards you have.

You are right - Shearer is a fool/tool for asking such a blindingly stupid question.

robertguyton said...

Key lies regularly, Para, so 'wanting' him to is hardly an issue.
He clearly lacks discretion though, which is the point I was making.
He's going to apply that discretion, he claims, to decisions about who does or doesn't get spied upon.
Good grief!
Happy with the Surveillance State, are you, Para?
I imagined you'd oppose such an attack on freedom.