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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I'm submitting photos for an exhibition. Here's one of the panel of 6 that I'm sending in today. The title of my work will be, "Pretty Ordinary Things".

I'm reminded that my daughter suggests that I call it, "Pretty Crap Things", or "Pretty Shitty Things".
They say it's in the eye of the beholder, don't they and it was me that beheld at the time and continue to do so, despite my detractors :-)


Hollie Guyton said...

"Pretty useless crap" :)

robertguyton said...

Of course. How could I have forgotten your assessment of my art?

renetsil said...

Those little, interesting extraordinary things we see, maybe photograph and sometimes pick up and take home, are as much "art" as anything else is and I enjoy them too :) They don't usually cost anything either!!! Thanks for sharing.

darkhorse said...

harsh call from the offspring there RG

I rather admire your ability to spot the quirky details of our ordinry lives and nail it with the camera

robertguyton said...

Thanks, darkhorse (daughters can be so cruel :-)
I've circulated the photo I took of a wildman I spotted in the hills of Dunedin recently, to the delight of those who'd not seen such a sight for a while. "In his element" was the primary comment.