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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Reading between the lines

From today's Southland Times (tucked away in a corner)

Environment Southland has not yet finished it's deliberations over the 40-plus submissions about the proposed changes to the regional water plan. The regional council set aside two days for deliberations and the Southland Times was told yesterday that discussions had not concluded. If the plan change goes ahead, all new dairy farm conversions will need to obtain resource consent before becoming operational.

Oh really?

Not yet finished our deliberations? 

The Southland Times was told that discussions had 'not concluded'?

Oh really?

Under ordinary circumstances, upon arriving at the council boardroom for a notified and advertised deliberation on evidence heard at a hearing, the tables are weighed down with papers needed for the deliberations. The tables for Thursday's meeting to deliberate the rule for new dairy conversions, were bare. Not one paper sat waiting for us. I thought that was very odd. 

Not concluded?

While the details of what was discussed during a public-excluded meeting has to remain secret, (though I don't agree that the discussion had on Thursday should have been discussed in secrecy) a reason for the 'lack of conclusion',  a transparent explanation for the delay, should be provided for the public.

In my opinion.


paulinem said...
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paulinem said...

Todays letter in the Times of the dairy pollution on our roadways was timely for the proposed ES water plan... and a reminder to FF that the community has had enough of the pollution coming from the land. Its time for action not protest that everyone is picking on us attitude ..its time to say what can we do practically to stop this problem of environment pollution.