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Monday, July 1, 2013

Forest garden webinar

Are you interested in food forests, or as I prefer to call ours, forest gardens?
There's an on-line webinar on the topic this Wednesday and you are welcome to take part. Here are the details of how to link up with the discussion from the organizer, James Samuel. Robyn and I will be presenting a brief story of what we've got here in Riverton, then joining the panel to answer questions:

Food Forest Webinar – July 3rd, 2013
By James Samuel | Published June 26, 2013

On Wednesday this week (July 3rd), I’ll be hosting a 60 minute Food Forest webinar (online seminar), for anyone who wants to jump online and be part of the conversation.

Joining me will be the Guytons - speaking about their 15 year old food forest in Riverton and offering an overview of the topic, Finn MacKesy of Auckland Permaculture Workshops - on education offerings and trends within Council, and Jon Foote - with an update of the large food forest project he is designing and overseeing in Otago. I’ll conclude with news and trends I’m observing and offering a vision of the future of food forests in New Zealand.

For those who wish can manage to stay on after the first 30 minutes, are welcome to engage in some extended Q&A time.

If you’d like to join us, please sign up here, and tell a little about your interest, so we can as much as possible meet everyone’s needs.

Talk with you on Wednesday next week from 10am


Armchair Critic said...

It's during work time :-(

robertguyton said...

I'm not sure why that is. The session will be recorded and posted somewhere. I'll let you know.

d2006806-e293-11e2-b08c-000bcdcb2996 said...

who's the hippie in the photograph, you arogant son no doubt? hes an arogant as you

robertguyton said...

Still bravely commenting behind a sneaky false 'name', cowardly boy?
You seem to be too frightened to come out from hiding and meet me face to face. What is it you fear? Throwing 'eggs' from the safety of your 'truck' is not very manly, is it?

Armchair Critic said...

Someone anonymous person is throwing eggs at you, Robert? That's not very brave, are they chicken?

robertguyton said...

Seems they are, AC, and me, a frail old grey-haired man, barely able to lift lift my coffee cup to my lips. Who would be frightened of me?