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Friday, June 28, 2013

Where the gutters are paved in stone

Arrowtown has many attractions, but these slab-gutters caught my attention. I like them a lot, in the way that I like the grassed swales of Waikaia.


Ray said...

Excellent eye, Robert, I love that sort of thing ( a lot of my travel pictures are of wrought iron and stone fixtures) and I have to admit I have not noticed the Arrowtown drains despite spending some time there

robertguyton said...

Thanks, Ray. I don't suppose you have your photos online somewhere? I'd love to see them. I'm always interested in technologies of that sort. Bamboo too, in Asian countries. I was told once about a Chinese village all run-through with streams lined in the same way the Arrowtown gutters are, in which carp swam and fed on food scraps tipped out of the windows of the dwellings, straight into the water - the perfect symbiosis between humans and a modified-but-natural-enough system. All worked perfectly well (reputedly) until the introduction of plastics, which the good folk of the village continued to throw out of the window in the time-honoured tradition... sad tale, but indicative of the harm caused by the impossibly fast rate of change modern humans have been subject-to.