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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Well, no Peter

Dunne's been busted. Not only is he the target of investigation over the leak of the GCSB documents, he's also been found to be the coiffured head of a not-party. UnitedFuture isn't and has none, now that it's been revealed that they are too few in number to exist legally and that even the number they claim to have is in doubt, with another investigation looking into the validity of the claims made by 'members'.
Dunne's looking dodgy-as over all of these things. I hate to see the man suffer. He should resign immediately and spend some quality time with his hair-do. Dunne's always been a favourite of mine and I'll shed copious *tears when he has to go.

*of joy

"The Revenue Minister and Honourable Peter Dunne spoke to me personally when I phoned United Future, and whilst first stating UF won’t disclose numbers of memberships stating the membership was ‘substantially in excess of [500]’, by the end of our cordial chat, and upon hearing that other parties had disclosed their numbers, Mr. Dunne estimated the membership to be around the 800 mark. When pressed about how UF confirms that his membership is eligible I was told that there was a revamp of how they do it this year, including conversations with the Electoral Office and a new form was in place. On the new form there was now a place to make sure the members are eligible. The form asks if the member is over 18, and eligible to vote. Nowhere on the form does it explain actually what criteria are needed to be fulfilled to be eligible."

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