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Saturday, June 1, 2013

At the book sale

I go every year. It's a great place to meet up with people I know. This year, I met Josie Hibbs, after not seeing her for a number of years. Josie's a genius artist, in my opinion. I have a painting by her. Ernest and Dorothy were there too. Ernest says he's addicted to book-buying and could easily have a sale of similar scale to the one we were at. Dorothy agreed that he could indeed. Chris and I hovered over the gardening books section, each watching to see  what the other found. I scored some lovely old volumes. I'll post on those later today (once the camera battery is recharged). Bob was on the sales-desk, manning the eftpos machine. We had a brief but intense political discussion :-)


paulinem said...

Hmm Josie Hibbs .. does she come from Riverton ?

Gosh that is a name from the past for me as I knew her when I lived there.

If she is the same one I knew she has a brother I believe from memory ... I didnt know Josie has became an artist as she was only a young girl when I knew her and her brother.

Yeah rotary book sale ..I thought the prices were a little steep when I bought two books this morning. I would have bought more if they were cheaper. I might go again tomorrow afternoon they usually drop the prices to get rid of some of the books not sold.:)

robertguyton said...

Yes, Josie's ex-Riverton. Art was her father :-)(Her father's name was 'Art')
She's in Invercargill now, but sculpting, not painting, more's the pity.