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Monday, June 24, 2013

Irradiated tomatoes

The debate is beginning to rage and I note that it's the usual crowd decrying the concern people have around the treatment of Australian tomatoes appearing on our supermarket shelves - a mixture of red-neck scorn and psuedo-science that seeks to beat down anyone who wonders about the value of such foods, when our local growers seem to be able to produce better tomatoes.
This commenter on the Herald puts forward the view that I share and it's one that cuts through the bullsh*t of the naysayers beautifully:

Gavin Whitelaw (Italy)
10:14 AM Sunday, 23 Jun 2013
Depends on whether ionising radiation produces chemical compounds different from or in larger quantities than heat (cooking, in other words), or results in breakdown beneficial compounds (e.g. vitamins). Irradiation might also be used to mask unsanitary production or spoiled food. Take a tip from how we do things here in Italy - if we don't know where it comes from, and if we do and it isn't Italy, we don't eat it. Support your local market gardeners and farmers - eat fresh, seasonal produce and live a longer, healthier life.


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