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Monday, June 24, 2013

Ikaroa-Rawhiti candidates unite against environmental vandalism

Good things! Those Maori candidates have spoken loud and clear and no doubt their views reflect those of the people they hope will vote for them. What does that tell you about the true feelings toward fracking, deep-sea drilling et al, from the people of the coast? It tells me that they don't mesh at all with the inflated claims from the Government and from one or two of the Mayors up there.

Meka Whaitiri: Until we have some sound research that says [mining] doesn’t have any environmental impact, I can’t support that.

Marama Davidson: Ban it! Risky off-shore drilling, mining and fracking are all industries we want to get away from. Today we are releasing a package of green jobs for Ikaroa-Rawhiti that don’t ruin our environment.

Na Raihania: I am absolutely opposed to mining and drilling our Mother Earth. And this idea it will provide jobs for everybody is stretching it.

Te Hamua Nikora: As far as mining goes, we say frack off. No thank you.


corokia green said...

Looks like we need to educate Meka about climate change. It is already well known that fossil fuel use damages the environment.

robertguyton said...

It's not only Meka who needs your attention, corokia.