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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How the Right "thinks"

"Green Party has asked the Commerce Commission to investigate whether Dole bananas stand up to ethical claim."

This might seem a simple, straightforward statement to you, dear and thoughtful reader, but to the desperate-to-demean-the-Left Rightwing blogger, it reads;

"The Greens now going to demand that Dole bananas be not fed to hungry children".


"Fed to" (like livestock, those children)

"Hungry children" (Oh, the humanity!)

Then, to finish off a great, if transparent effort to cast the Greens in a poor light, our old mate Keeping Stock plays his fundamental card:

"My Christian ethics are that feeding the hungry is something that Christ commanded us to do."

All this over the Government's Communist, welfare-dependency flip-flop into providing food for children at school, something they and Keeping Stock have decried for years. 
No wonder the poor chap is having to pretzel his logic and lash out at someone, any one, over anything at all.

Can't say 'gone bananas'. He's been that way for years. 


Bioneer said...
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Bioneer said...

You said 'gone bananas', All of us here at Keeping Stock know that means you want bananas gone out of the stomachs of emaciated children.

Joe W said...

I'm getting an image of "feeding out" bunches of bananas from a trailer behind a tractor, while Jesus smiles down benignly from the clouds...

robertguyton said...

And only you could bring that image to our screens, Joe.

robertguyton said...

You Keeping Stock flunkies can always see through my rhetoric to what I really mean!
You are God-like in that.

Armchair Critic said...

My observation is that very few on the right genuinely think. Most right leaning bloggers merely repeat what they are told, uncritically. I guess it's easier than thinking. On occasions their conscience seems to prickle them.
However, I'm sure similar criticism could be made of the rest of the political spectrum.

Paranormal said...

You're correct AC - right back atchya on that one with the bias changed.

I do wonder if those on the left, that should know better, are making the decisions have a conscience at all. Especially at times when they are entrenching dependency and poverty all in the name of cementing a voter/power base.

Armchair Critic said...

Cheers paranormal. I wonder whether you and I have just proved, in a couple of paragraphs, that political blogging is pointless.

robertguyton said...

But you haven't taken into account unsullied free-thinkers like me :-)

robertguyton said...

And Joe.