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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fonterra scores a try!

Fonterra's desire to become 'as beloved to New Zealanders as the All Blacks' is being fullfilled nicely, thanks, what with the milk-in-every-school programme going gang-busters and this snippet of 'news' will help further in getting their product into every young tummy:

" Home-town hero Richie McCaw knows the milk being delivered to Christchurch’s Burnside Primary School children as part of Fonterra Milk for Schools will be top-notch. That’s because the rugby legend understands the value of dairy nutrition as part of a balanced diet."

The perfect combination of rugger and dairy product!
There will be the clinking of (milk) glasses in Fonterra HQ tonight!


Bioneer said...

I heard that their next add campaign features a close up look at how milk is actually derived from the sweat of McCaw collected by tubes as he plays rugby.

robertguyton said...


Gotta get me some!