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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Geoff follows up nicely

This can only be good for Greens/Labour. The thing about going negative this far from the election is that the constituency are going to get really sick of it. It’s usually the Left that has that problem so it’s great to see the Right struggling to catch its breath between invectives.
If Green/Labour just keep releasing properly left-wing policy it should hold National in a frothing, bigoted, ferment quite nicely.


Paranormal said...

If Green/Labour just keep releasing properly left-wing policy it should ensure National have a comfortable stroll to winning the next election and possibly the one after that.

robertguyton said...

I hope they will, paranormal. It'd be the honest thing to do. The number of sneaky clips of legislation the Nats are pushing through the House, forcing unwanted changes onto the New Zealand public under the cloak of 'nothing to see here, move on', is saddening. Luckily, I'm an up-beat guy and like you, look forward to the next Left Wing policy announcement. Mind you, this cheaper power proposal is far from exhausted. In fact, I'd suggest that ity'll be fronyt page again shortly. People love it. Finally, the left is showing some spine.

Armchair Critic said...

With Banks, Key and now Gilmore having a stab at the self destruct button I think that all Labour and the Greens need to do to win is sit down and shut up. I can see why a whole lot of people from the right are upset - how dare Labour threaten the neo liberal line they previously adhered to so well.

Paranormal said...

AC - I agree with your point about Greens and Liarbour sitting down and shutting up as their best bet. the Roy Morgan poll showed people aren't that silly as to be bribed by a basic lotto ticket a week. I really hope they don't take your advice.

RG - the left showing some spine or their true colours?