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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Global recognition for little old Riverton

I've just now been sent the link to the work of Craig Mackintosh, Permaculture Research Institute of Australia editor, featuring our forest garden. Craig visited us a month ago, interviewed and photographed Robyn and I talking about our projects and filmed me on a walkabout tour of the forest. I'm very happy with the results and feel it represents well what we are doing here in our wee town. If you have a few minutes to spare, I invite you to click on the link to the PRI website and enjoy a wander around our garden.


renetsil said...


JayWontdart said...

Its bloody brilliant Robert and Robyn!

Love to see the V word too! One of us! One of us!

Shunda barunda said...

I watched this and then another hour of other permaculture stuff on youtube while pealing Kowhai pods at 1:00am in the morning!

Good article Robert, you and Robyn come across well on video.

We got our best crop of apples this year and one plum!

robertguyton said...

Well done, Shunda - you're an orchardist! And an obsessive native plantsman, by the sound of it :-)

kane hogan said...

Hi robert.

what sort of intern terms you thinking of having?
in your mini food farm university! :)

also do you have a link for purchasing seeds?


robertguyton said...

Hi Kane - sorry, I missed you comment. I'm in the habit of moving on to new posts too quickly :-)

We're looking for people who would like to stay on-site for a few weeks/sometime and learn by doing, everything we know.

Regarding seeds, we have a seed savers network here: for those who want to expand the collection of heritage seeds. Other than that, we get our seeds from all over, mainly saving our own from the stock we have amassed over the years.

kane hogan said...

Great! thats what rebecca and I want. hands on.
we both love our hands in the earth and wanting permaculture food gardening to be our life's work.
Rebecca is a green thumb seedling raising type.
Im your digger planter dirt lover type.

We have been living on an organic farm in pokeno auckland for 12 months, and loved it. now eating many edible weeds and weed smoothies etc and drinking spring water.
our skin and health is better and we have lost weight.

Now we are leaving the farm, society stands out in sharp contrast to this, and I realize how unhealthy it is.
I'm so incredibly taken with the abundance of health available to everyone, that is always available in terms of fruit and vegetables and edible weeds if organized, nurtured and eaten.

living with a gardens gifts of fresh food every day has confirmed my commitment to home grown permaculture and sustainable organic food growing. I ultimately want to be an urban gardener taking this knowledge to city's and towns.

Money is an issue for us, because we try to keep out of employment that does not relate to these things, and so we wwoof or take part time work here and there, and always running lean. We have come to a point of revelation that this is where we are headed and what we are built for.
I have been working as an Estate gardener in the bombay hills in franklin south auckland, and realized permaculture sustainable people based organic food growing is the only gardening I'm prepared to lend my allegiance to.

so Robert... do you have a set price for your 'internship'? or will you work with peoples income levels?
I [45] own a rusty van, two guitars, two amps, a yuba mundo cargo bike, cycle trailer and a few tools and a suit case of clothes. Rebecca's [35] pretty much the same, though she has a 1950's singer sewing machine and learning to make her own clothes etc :)

We are musicians, I was building for 12 years but was the wrong job for me! My mum has couple aches in Westport and we want to get started in this direction.


robertguyton said...

I'm sending you an email, Kane.