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Monday, March 4, 2013

Teachers protest Novopay - Paddy puts in the boot

Getting up before 7am to stand outside Eric Roy's office to show him how much pain the Novopay debacle is hurting teachers seems an admirable thing to do, it seems to me. There are Southland teachers planning to do this tomorrow morning, before school, so that no teaching is compromised and parents put in a difficult position through having to keep their children at home. Some teachers are suffering enormous unfairness through not being paid for the work they are doing. Dave Kennedy describes how his nephew :-) , a teacher here in Invercargill, is working 5 days a week and being paid for only 2 of them. What employees in any other industry would tolerate the prolonged injustice that being so severely underpaid as that, would bring.
Paddy Lewis though, chooses to mock the teachers for their action, belittling their protest and mocking them for reasons he describes here on his blog, Credo Quia Absurdum Est. Paddy is an Invercargill man, but seems not to support Invercargill teachers at all, choosing instead to make out that they are fools. It's odd that he does so, given that he has children at school in Invercargill. Maybe you can understand his antipathy and dismissal of the teachers here. I can't.
He's titled his post: "The poor dears might struggle to get up that early" which pretty much captures the quality of his post, imo.


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Robert Paddy is so incredibly blinded to reality when it comes anything negative about the National party..what else can you say in reply par for the course Paddy you are a blind man who refuses to face up to reality of life today