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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eric, Bill and John deny responsibility

Black is white, our National Party politicians say, and night is day!

We've already watched Key scurrying as fast as he can to escape being tarred with Solid Energy's pitch-black brush, with Bill English scampering at his heels. That sight was pathetic enough, but now Eric Roy has joined the deniers' club, declaring in today's Southland Times that Novapay is Labour's fault, not that of his dear blue party and that Labour must bear the blame and responsibility, 4 years down the track, for the debacle that has been slowly unfolding over the past 12 months. Labour, Labour, Labour, those bad, bad people. Poor National, having inherited that red mess! Poor John, poor Bill and poor, poor Eric.
I feel for the wee mice.

Solid and National - good chums.


paulinem said...

I wonder about politicians like these at their total lack of taking responsibility for the actions or lack of action when they should have done something.

My mother raised me to be responsible for my actions and decisions as did I to my kids. As did the majority of parents in the past.Seems to me it is now fashionable (lead by some politicians) to blame all and sunder for, and the actions and decisions we took in our lives and in politicians case their
public life.

GUYs and GALs admit YOU stuffed up re Solid Energy, time to fix the mess and make people like Jenny Shipley responsible for her lack of duty of care. Time to demand the bonuses paid by SE to their management be returned. PLEASE stop the childish rant oh it was all Labours fault rara ...... YEAH RIGHT !!

bsprout said...

"They started it!"

robertguyton said...

Couldn't have said it better, Pauline and Dave!

northshoreguynz said...
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northshoreguynz said...

How do you edit your comments?

Paranormal said...

No PaulineM, Jenny Shipley shouldn't take responsibility for Solid Energy - she's never been a director.

As I understand it SE is in the poo for two reasons:
1) Investing in dodgy 'green energy', and
2) A slump in global coal prices.

Which of those do you suggest the Gnats need to take responsibility for?

robertguyton said...

How about Ministerial Responsibility, Paranormal, where the Minister responsible for the SOE takes responsibility for the performance of that SOE?
Do you believe that that Minister didn't know that the SOE was heading for bankruptcy, thatit was all a surprise? That that Minister and his Government wasn't actively encouraging Solid Energy in it's bullish developments around lignite in Southland?

Paranormal said...

I don't beleive it was lignite that caused the probelm for SE. In fact they could still make an overall profit in that venture with the sale of the farms so maybe you're a little off the ball there.

I think you will find the governance structure means the directors are the responsible ones. Certainly the minister is not able to interfere with the commercial operations. Having said that, it is a bit trite of the SOE minister to say he wasn't aware there was trouble at t'mill, but responsibility for it - nope.

Paranormal said...

BTW - if you want ministers to be responsible for the SOE's then you open the door to political meddling in SOE's. I know it is more likely under Liabour (eg. TVNZ) than with the gnats, but the SOE legislation is set up in an attempt to avoid political meddling.

darkhorse said...

it was the idiot with the shovel who loaded the place with debt not the one with no hair

they have been bleeding the SOE's for years all int eh name of a "more active" balance sheet

Paranormal said...

Oh rilly Darkhorse? So recklessly investing in rubbish like bio-diesel was the governments fault?

Armchair Critic said...

You may have a point there, paranormal, the photo shows a representative of the company management, and a representative of the shareholders. A representative from the board of directors is conspicuously absent, yet they too are responsible, especially for the biodiesel decisions.
Who are the board members?

paulinem said...

Paranormal : Jenny Shipley was a director of Solid Energy, she and the directors bailed out of the company a few months before we were told it was in serious danger of bankruptcy.

I say let the directors responsible for bringing this company to its present state be made responsible for its failure etc and that includes Jenny Shipley !

robertguyton said...

Curious! Bill and Don, all alone!
No wonder things went arse over kite!

darkhorse said...

hi para you just may find much of the borrowing was to pay "dividends" to the shareholder not to turn turnip seed into diesel

I suspect you will find both stupid ideas originated in parliament not the SE board room

just as we have the same losers thinking that cycle trails tourism and convetion centres and pokies will make new zealander rich