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Thursday, December 13, 2012

ODT on Timms

"During a conversation lasting almost 10 minutes ''Ruby'' quizzed Mr Shadbolt on the talkback show about the community benefits of the planned Auckland to Bluff yacht race and who would pay for the race expenses, including the infrastructure needed to moor up to 30 super and maxi yachts at Bluff.

About eight minutes into the conversation, Mr Shadbolt appeared to rumble her, calling her Ali, to which she replied, ''Sorry, who? This is Ruby here.''

Mr Shadbolt said he was ''very suspicious'' from the start that Ruby was Cr Timms but did not want to denounce her on air in case he was wrong.

''I threw in Ali twice to give her an escape, but she was quite adamant she was Ruby. If she had said `fair enough, it's me', that would have been a joke, but she didn't.''


fredinthegrass said...

Rg, I await with interest your 'balanced' comment on "Ruby's" 'prank'.

robertguyton said...

Fred, I said to the reporter who rang yesterday, that I was appalled by the chairman's actions, that it reflected badly on the council and that I believe she should have stood down. Since then, I've become more and more concerned about what she did, in terms of her ability to make good judgements and be truthful, and am unable to see how she could continue in the role of chairman when she returns from her paid holiday.
Have I missed anything, do you think?

fredinthegrass said...

Yes,Rg, you have. The derogatory remarks, and snide asides, and the less-than-flattering photos..
Having said that, as a fair-minded 'old sod', I accept what you have said.
It saddens me when a person in a position of leadership
makes a call such as Ms Timms did.

robertguyton said...

Guess I'm mellowing, Fred.I only employ my 'weapons' when I need to. It is a sad situation.

Bioneer said...

Was pretty funny, I would bet it won't be long until public opinion swings in her favour

robertguyton said...

Are the public so fickle, I wonder?
Those who hate Tim are cheering her on already. Perhaps they are missing the point.