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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Morgan on Groser

" We need to focus the debate on the issue, not skip around it with the double talk of a seasoned trade negotiator who shows little to no respect for calling a spade a spade. Subjecting voters to the duplicity of well-honed diplomatic language is at best condescending and more likely, deceitful. The public deserves a discussion on this issue that has more clarity and honesty underpinning it."

That's well and accurately put.

Gareth Morgan's post on National's deception around greenhouse gas production is here:


Paranormal said...

Climate change + honesty = oxymoron

As for "debate", yes lets debate it, but so many practitioners of the new religion do not wish to hear with their "the science is settled" line.

How can we honestly be involved in a scheme to change something that hasn't occurred for 16 years. Atmospheric CO2 up 9% yet we've had global cooling in the same period.

paulinem said...

Paranormal really this anti climate change BS from you and your CC denier friends are getting boring boring...

Mate the evidence is clear CC is for real face it..we may not be suffering in NZ much due to our location in the globe ( Southern hemisphere )

BUT Northern hemisphere countries are with out any doubt with massive food production losses due to unseasonal heat etc in their growing season ... Sadly this is only the beginning.

Paranormal I suggest you watch the sad news reports that will reveal next NH summer in June/July etc as Russia Pakistan China India etc etc and yes even the biggest polluter of greenhouse gases US itself find there land becomes more scorched as they again get even more unseasonal heat.
This unnatural summer heat WILL cause even more crops etc loss.

Mind you on the positive I do believe we down here in NZ would be most wise to ignore Fonterra's insidious influence and instead of increasing cows put more crops in our land, this season such as wheat barley etc ...

I have no doubt those that do grow crops will have no problem selling their production for very good prices...

Mind you the price they get that also depends on how long our irresponsible present Govt remains with a hands off the NZ economy including our over inflated dollar.


Paranormal said...

@Paulinem - I rest my case. Thank you for proving beyond doubt what I was saying.

So for the record: The global temperatures recorded by the agencies originally put up by the warmists now show there has been no warming or a cooling since last century. Here's a link for you:

And if we want to talk BS - look at any of the climate scandals from the 'leader' of IPCC down. Why have they had to lie, deceive and denigrate if it was so obvious?