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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mr Key

Dislike for the Prime Minister is being expressed more and more often by commentators on-line, in the print media and in my experience, on the street. This post by Kiwipolitico really ties down some of the examples of Key's behaviour that New Zealanders are gagging on. Here's a sample, in case you don't follow the link and read the whole article "Familiarity becomes contempt":

"If this is the case, then it shows that along with being contemptuous of those who may seek to hold him to account, he is arrogant, mean-spirited and vindictive as well. To which can be added one more trait that has emerged in Mr. Key as of late: callous narcissism.

When asked recently what he was the most sorry for over the last year, he answered that it was the failure to convince the public of the benefits of the mixed ownership model. He was not as sorry about the deaths of five NZDF troops in Afghanistan, or the needless deaths and continuing failure to retrieve the bodies of the Pike River miners, or the ongoing debacle that is the Christchurch reconstruction process, nor about the leaks of private information by government agencies or the unhappy disputes with Maori over treaty settlement issues (in fact, he made no mention of these). Instead, he most laments the failure of a pet economic project to gain public traction in 2012.

That may not be surprising, but it sure is contemptible."

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bsprout said...

Keys compassion knows no bounds.