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Friday, December 7, 2012

Hollie is Dux

Here's Hollie with her brothers. At the Aparima College prize-giving last night, Hollie was awarded Dux. We are all proud of her for that. Hollie has now joined her brothers, both of whom were Dux of the college in their respective final year, to form a triptych of duxiness.

It's alarming how many people have told me the three must get it from their mother's side :-)


Shane Pleasance said...

What a stunning result. Mr G, you should be glowing with pride. Visible from over here. Warming the planet, even!

My boy missed out on dux at JHHS last night, giving way to another truly worthy winner.

robertguyton said...

Thanks, Shane. I am. It will be. I'm going to forgive myself if it is :-)
Your boy did very well to collect Proxime Accessit at a school as big as JHHS. I hope a scholarship went with it.

Paul said...

Wow, that is impressive Robert.

Well done to all!!!

Have you got any tips?

robertguyton said...

Yes, Paul, I have.
Don't get in their way:-)