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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Morgan exposes Carter

"Minister mouthpiece for dirty dairy" declares Gareth Morgan in his expose of the interference by Agriculture minister David Carter in the decisions being made by Horizons Regional Council to control industrial dairying in the central North Island.

"What is astonishing and truly sobering about the Horizons case is the new low it has set for the willingness of Cabinet Ministers to use their position to further the interests of businesses at the expense of the public and to hell with the environment. Federated Farmers’ onslaught on Horizons has been aided and abetted by David Carter, Minister for Primary Industries. As a Cabinet Minister one might think Carter would represent the wider public interest, rather than just the farming lobby. However he has set out to undermine public acceptance of One Plan, claiming that it will “dramatically reduce” the productivity (read profitability) of farming and as a result be harmful to the public. He’s said he’ll get the RMA changed – continuing a string of abuses on environmental protection from National’s senior ministers of late who can’t conceive of economic growth without accompanying environmental destruction. It is a regressive view but one National, faced with a flat economy, is wholeheartedly embracing."

Gareth Morgan is proving a constant thorn in the side for this business-supportive government and repeatedly hits both the nail, and National, on the head with his insightful columns.
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