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Friday, November 30, 2012

Cottonseed - Genetically-engineered and ready to grow

Some of the ge cottonseed being imported into Southland is arriving here un-crushed, ready to sprout and grow. So much for rigorous precautions that will protect the environment and contain any possible biosecurity breach.
The Federated Farmers claim it's no issue, not a biosecurity breach, because cotton doesn't grow here in Southland.
That's a very weak response.
Next, we'll find other ge-feeds that are capale of growing in our conditions, being brought into our region, such as soybean, also slipping through the biosecurity net, such as it is, and spreading through our Southland environment.
This failure with cottonseed should sound alarm bells, but I suspect, won't, as Dairy is King and must be pandered-to, no matter what the risks.

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