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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another problem for Fonterra

School children, reportedly, don't like their milk!
Fonterra's move to become as beloved to the New Zealand public as the All Blacks are, is misfiring. Their 'free milk to schools' is fizzing out, according to this story in the Sunday Star Times this morning.

" Free milk has left a sour taste in the mouths of some of Northland's schools and a large numbers of their students have dropped out of the pilot programme which was launched on March 19.
After an enthusiastic take-up, some schools have seen nearly a 90 per cent decline in the number of kids receiving milk each day, with many blaming the taste of the ultra heat treated (UHT) milk.
"The kids wrote letters to Fonterra thanking them for the milk, but fewer were drinking it because of the taste it left in their mouth," said Dave Bradley, Wellsford School principal.
The school said half the 240 children initially drinking the milk have opted out.
At Kaiwaka nearly 70 of the school's 86 children were drinking the milk. It is now down to 10.
"I am beginning to wonder if kids are so used to sugar that they don't want to drink milk anymore," said principal Barbara Bronlund.

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JayWontdart said...

I blame Vegan propaganda targeting Children!

I'd love if you could send me an email Robert, about our upcoming event, shhhh! :-)